christmas caroling in July...

I bathed Oliver today, and he actually seemed to enjoy it. But then after the bath, he had a crying fit even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. I think he just needed a nap, but rocking him wasn't working so I thought I would sing to him, as I often do. The only song that came to mind, though, was a spanish Christmas carol that my family has sang together for as long as I can remember. 

So, I held Oliver close and we walked back and forth in our little apartment as I sang...
"ven a mi corazon, o cristo, pues en el hay lugar para ti, ven a mi corazon, o cristo, ven. 
pues en el hay lugar para ti..."
Over, and over again I sang, going through the verse and the chorus many times. And thankfully, Oliver found comfort in those lyrics that I cherish. His eyelids began to droop and his head rested on my shoulder as he quietly sank into a peaceful sleep. 

In the middle of summer's heat, I remembered the cold wintery air, and my parent's cozy living room where we gathered on Christmas Eve to sing those very words. And I thought about what the words mean, "come into my heart, Lord Jesus, there is room for you..." Those words are a prayer, and I hope that someday Oliver will sing them too, and mean them with all of his heart and soul.  

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