fresh tomatoes

During these hot summer days, Oliver and I take refuge in our tiny apartment to stay cool. Oliver plays on his owl blanket in the living room while I wash dishes and tidy up our little home. 

This day Oliver's mood is happy so I am able to wash the tomatoes from my mother's garden and the fresh cilantro from the supermarket. 

My parents, Oliver's Abuelo (spanish for grandfather) and Nana, spent Sunday afternoon with us. Every time we see them, they feed us or shower us with fresh vegetables from their little backyard garden and fresh eggs from the chickens. 

Yesterday, Nana brought green zucchinis, red ripe tomatoes and some of the freshly baked zucchini bread that I have loved for as long as I can remember. 

While Oliver watches me from his blanket, I gather ingredients to make pico de gallo, a fresh chopped salsa with a name that literally means "rooster's beak". I enjoy mine with tortilla chips, on tacos, with my breakfast of eggs and tortillas, and with countless other dishes. Mine is much simpler than most because I don't have any onions or fresh jalapeƱos to add to it but it will still be tasty because of the juicy tomatoes. I dice tomatoes and chop cilantro. Then I add the juice from a lime, garlic, spicy hot sauce, and a little salt and pepper. 


The result is colorful and delicious and perfect for a summer snack.


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  1. Mmm, I love me some pico de gallo. Also tell mom she needs to send me some zucchini bread asap! Okay, she can just email me the recipe if it's more convenient........but first see if she'll go for shipping me some ;)