waking up tired

today i feel tired.

my home is a mess, the clean laundry is folded but is still in baskets, & my hair is a bit bird's nest like from washing it and then falling asleep while it was still wet. 

But Nick is still sleeping peacefully in our bed which I hope is a sign that the birthday dinners I planned for him the past 2 days were a success. 

He slept while I played with Oliver, who decided to wake up at 7. Babies have no regard for weekends or holidays. Mine wakes with the sun, smile on his face and ready to play. 

so we play for a while...

I whisper the words of Psalm 23 to him as he smiles up at me and responds in his sweet baby language.

Then he slips into a peaceful sleep about the time that my alarm clock should be waking me, and I lay him down for a nap and drowsily began the day.

today i feel tired.

But, I remember the words I whispered to Oliver,

"...He leads me besides still waters. He restores my soul.." 

I will find strength in these words as I make breakfast;  as I get ready for church; as I teach 2nd & 3rd graders about Jesus today... 

& even though today I feel tired, 
my soul is restored.

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