Thrifty Thursdays

I love wearing fun dresses.

Oracle Summer Tunic $79AUD
This little number from esther, an Australian based online boutique, recently caught my eye. The colors, bold pattern, silhouette exude fun, flirty femininity.

But, I am always looking for a bargain so I waited hoping that one of two things would happen:

a.) It would go on sale. Like a really big sale.
b.) I would find a similar dress that looked just as amazing for a fraction of the price.

Well, it did not go on sale. But, I found an alternative. Yay! & it is pretty amazing! See for yourself...

A super cute picture thanks to Instagram
Close up of the pattern.
Oliver made sure he got in at least one photo

This dress is the essence of me. 
It is the perfect balance of whimsy, exotic & effortlessly stylish. Just add a messy braid, my oversized rose gold wristwatch and a pair of leather sandals and I am ready to take on the world. :)

This dress is from Forever21. Dresses like this typically range from $10 to $25. I found mine brand new at my local Flea Market for just $4! 

The moral of this story?
If something is out of your price range, there are affordable alternatives as long as you are willing to explore a little. 

Also, you never know what affordable treasures lurk in local thrift stores, vintage shops & flea markets.  

Happy Hunting!


p.s. If any of you have found any awesome bargains lately, send me an email. I would love to hear about them!



Oliver enjoyed his first Easter this weekend & also turned 11 months old.

Oliver watched Nicholas & I color eggs with his cousin Hailey. He also got to hunt for brightly colored eggs filled with teddy grahams & cheese-its at Nana and Grandpa's house. 

These days, Oliver spends his time playing with his stuffed animals Rufus & Steggie. He loves watching his dog from the dining room windows. He points at everything and loves electronics. He allows loves books. I think he likes how they taste just as much as he likes to show me the pictures inside their pages. Oliver got new shoes with velcro straps this month. These shoes actually stay on his feet and he does not mind them too much. Mostly because when he wears his shoes, he is allowed to play outside. The other day, he actually carried his shoes to me and patiently waited for me to put them on his feet. He is such a good little boy when he chooses to be. But whether he is driving me crazy or being sweet & lovable matters not because I am his mommy and he is my baby and we our completely obsessed with each other. :)

There is a single month remaining until my little Munchkin turns 1 year old. 
I can hardly believe it. 

♥ Bethany