Sidewalk Stories

Sometimes the simplest things make the best memories. 

Sidewalk chalk & a little imagination turned an empty driveway into a playground. My five-year-old niece gets bored easily, but I managed to capture her attention with our colorful simple artwork as we enjoyed what may be one of the last warm weekends this year.

A house is just a house unless you know it's story...

"Our House" 
(told by Hailey & embellished a little by me)

This is our home. I am the mom and Nicholas is the dad. Hailey is the big sister & Oliver is our baby. Kelli (Hailey's year-old sister) is the bigger baby and grandpa is big brother. Grammie is our housekeeper. Our home has pink roof shingles because the girls got to choose and we love pink. Big brother (grandpa) lives in the attic bedroom. He sneaks out sometimes, which explains the really tall pink ladder. Oliver lives in the room with the crooked orange window and the flower box. The room with the french doors has a balcony (you might not have noticed). This is the mom & dad's room. Hailey and Kelli live downstairs. We have a tree with a tire swing that is also pink, and an enormous flower growing in our yard (that we drew first before we decided to draw a house). And we are one big happy chalk house family :)

This is how we spent our Saturday afternoon:
In the sunshine enjoying each other's company. 
And Oliver joined us outside for a bit, too.



Last year on Nicholas's mother's birthday, we surprised her with the exciting news that we were expecting a little one. One year later, Oliver celebrated with his Grammie on her birthday.

We shared dinner, conversation & laughter, a game of marbles, and yummy cake.

Happy Birthday Grammie-MOM-Diana Sellai :)

& in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. 
-Abraham Lincoln


another chapter..

When I was 4 years old, my family moved to the Central San Joaquin Valley from Gilroy, California. 

It was a big move. We had no family or friends here. 
But we began attending a little church shortly after our move and Toya & I immediately became friends with a crazy little girl named Larissa. She was fun and silly and she loved to play dress up just like my sisters & me. 

We quickly became best friends.

Our moms homeschooled us together, Larissa's mom taught us to sew, we had thousands of play dates, swim parties, even a super secret club. shhhhh :)

We experienced life together. 

Over the past 20 years, we've changed and grown and developed different interests, but we've managed to stay good friends.

& today, I will watch my dear friend marry her soulmate. 

Congratulations, Larissa.
May your life with Brandon be filled with joy, laughter & bliss...

and may the next years of our friendship be even better than the first 20. 




one. two. three. four. five.


five photos.

five fingers brush his face as he sleeps.

five little toes on each foot.


Oliver is five months old now.

this month has been full of energy, baby babble & giggles..

lots of Oliver learning how to roll around and grab his toes.

each day he grows a little more.
each day he grasps something new.
little things that may seem simple, 
but i see him changing, growing, learning

& it is a beautiful thing...

watching Oliver's life.


Gone Country

Oh my goodness, I can't believe the Keith Urban concert is tonight!

My husband gave me tickets as a gift for our first wedding anniversary on March 27. So I've been waiting a while for this. I expect nothing less than amazing from my all time favorite singer. Now if I could only find something to wear...