today i am thankful for 

my wonderful husband.

We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this week.
Life is fuller, richer & more beautiful because I am loved by him.


"..today i love you more than i loved you yesterday,
but tomorrow i will love you even more than i do today..."




Last week my mother, Melba, gave thanks for her 50th year of life.
Saturday evening, Nicholas & I hosted our first dinner party in honor of her. 
We were joined by a few very dear friends and family.

But rewind a bit. . .
I spent the whole month planning because I 
l o v e 

Any and all birthdays. I decided there was no reason this couldn't be my mom's best birthday yet. So I took a little of this and a little of that, borrowed dishes and tables and chairs and mason jars and buttons...
I printed up my mom's favorite poems and quotes from her favorite books and authors. I sneaked old photos from my parent's house, and even found my mom's old yearbook from her senior year at bible college from w a y back in the day. :)
Then I sewed, ironed, glued, snipped, folded, tied, pinned, spray-painted, decoupaged, hung, strung, arranged, cooked, cleaned, baked, frosted, brewed, chopped, mixed, etc. . .

And in the end, it was a perfect (if I do say so, myself).
See for yourself.



I used this, along with other photos, in a special slideshow. Gold star to anyone who can tell me which small child is my momma :)

Our family (minus Nessa & Lucas)
Here's to the next 50, Momma :)
May they be even fuller and richer than the first.

♥ Bethany


Oliver is 10.

Look out, world

I am 10 months old.

& I strongly dislike to wear shoes.

 My little shadow, full of wonder,
toddling unsteadily behind me, the mother.
One chubby hand clings to my stable knee
The other outstretched toward danger, joy, 
unknown objects waiting to be discovered.
He gazes up at my faces, little back arched and head tilted back
to look upon my towering frame.
He cries, "ba-ba, da-da, ma-ma-ma!"
Loudly he shouts these sounds, simple linguistics
True language he has not yet learned
But he understands when we say, "No."
His little personality bursts from behind 
his laugh, his copper curls, 
his twinkling eyes the color of the seas.
He wreaks havoc, yet longs for attention, affection, approval,
a simple smile from "ma-ma" and "da-da"
And his tears, laughter and curiosity
his gleeful squeals as he kicks his little legs
his frustrated tears and exhausted wails
All these emotions and characteristics
 are wrapped in a tiny little individual
wobbling on two chubby legs,
arms reaching for my love.
He is my sun.
I am simple a moon in his orbit
reflecting his joy.