another year.

Happy Birthday Little Brother...

Seventeen years ago today, my "baby" brother was born. I remember that he somewhat resembled a frog, with his long body and legs and his dry skin. He was two weeks overdue and weighed ten pounds at birth. I tried to explain to Oliver that his Uncle Reuben was born seventeen years ago and that's quite a long time considering Oliver was born just six and a half weeks ago. I'm not sure if he fully grasped the concept. He just smiled and made faces at me. I, however, am fully aware of the time that has flown by. When I look at the little brother who has finally grown taller than me, I remember that long froggy baby that I was sometimes allowed to carry. Despite how heavy he felt in my arms, I pretended it didn't bother me so that my mom would let me hold him longer. Well I certainly can't carry him anymore but I will hug him tightly when I see him tonight for his birthday dinner. And, I will wish him a very happy birthday and a wonderful year as he enjoys the gift of life that God has blessed him with. We love you not-so-little brother...

May this year bring you new experiences, joy, laughter and peace.

~ B.


lazy wednesday

Life seems to slow down during the summer...

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like people are happier in the summer. I see more people around our apartment complex and they stop and say hello to Oliver instead of hurrying past with only a brief nod. 

Oliver went in the pool for the first time last night. Not fully but he let Daddy carry him in the water and dip his feet in. We waited until about seven o'clock in the evening when the pool was empty and then brought Oliver out with his little baby sunglasses to keep him from having to squint his little eyes shut. He felt nervous at first but relaxed and seemed to enjoy the cool water splashing against his skin. 

Despite summertime's lazy haze, Oliver continues to grow. When I look at him, it's hard to believe that he is only six and a half weeks old. He is so full of life and that energy radiates from him like sunlight. He grunts and screams and smiles and finds all sorts of ways to communicate with us. I am learning to pay attention to his expressions and his moods. He is full of energy and wants to bounce and stand and move. 

And then he takes glorious naps while I rush around making lunch and washing dishes and showering and styling my hair and searching for something to wear that makes me feel like me again and whatever else I can manage to do until I  hear his cry and lift his cuddly warm body into my arms and enjoy his happy babyness all over again. 

This is our routine for now; simply enjoying each other's company during these lazy summer months. We let ourselves get lost in the magic that is summer's warmth and joy and a sense of peace...


just a thought

I read this today and it really struck a chord with me. There are people in my life who I am truly thankful for and I pray that I would treat them in such a way that they would realize just that. 


There's one sad truth in life I've found
While journeying east and west -
The only folks we really wound
Are those we love the best.
We flatter those we scarcely know,
We please the fleeting guest,
And deal full many a thoughtless blow
To those who love us best.
~Ella Wheeler Wilcox


t.g.i. finally f.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever." Psalm 136:1 NLT

I absolutely love Fridays...

There is a feeling that it brings; a feeling unlike any other day of the week. It's a combination of anticipation and relief, sort of like the feeling you get on the last day of school. Yes, that's it. Fridays are like a mini last-day-of-school and I just love them. Oliver & I get to spend two full days with Poppa, and my sister Toya always visits us on Friday evenings which means Oliver gets lots of love from his sweet auntie. Yes, Fridays are always fabulous in our little world.

The weather today is pleasantly warm in comparison to the heat we endured this past week. The windows in our tiny apartment are open to welcome the light breeze and Oliver is curled up on my chest enjoying a nap, giving me lots of time to catch up with the blogging world.

This week, Nick let me enjoy a quick shopping trip to Macy's and I picked up a few fabulous finds. These O'neall Everytime denim Walkshorts are quickly becoming my new b.f.f.

They are super light unlike most denim, perfect for summer, and the vintage wash gives a subtle nod to stonewashed jeans without looking tacky and outdated. Originally priced at $39.50, they were marked down to $24.99 but rang up at $19.99 and with my coupon, I paid just $12.99 for this awesomeness.  I just love them.

In other news, Nicholas and I may be renting a house in a few months when our lease ends, fingers crossed for it to work out. I am beyond excited at the thought of having so much space for Oliver to grow and learn and play. I am trusting God to work everything out for the best and also feeling very blessed with my beautiful perfect little boy and my loving husband. I'm feeling hopeful for this summer and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us.

Happy Friday blog world :)




Guess who is one month old today...

Our precious baby boy,
Oliver Aiden.



Oliver's not-so-favorite thing

Oliver dislikes baths...

So much so that he screams throughout the entire bath and his face turns bright red. 
But he sweats a lot so the baths are a necessary evil in his young life. 

Because of this, I give him speed baths which only last about three minutes at the most, sometimes less. When I pull him from his whale bath tub, wrap him in his soft green froggy towel and hold him close, he calms down almost instantly and snuggles close to me as though I have just rescued him from a fate worse then death. I hold him tightly for a few precious moments, feeling the warmth of his little body as he relaxes and nods off contentedly in my arms... 

...And the screaming little creature that my serene baby boy sometimes transforms into doesn't seem quite as difficult to handle if I still get to enjoy these beautiful moments every now and then too. 

~Mrs. Sellai