lazy wednesday

Life seems to slow down during the summer...

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like people are happier in the summer. I see more people around our apartment complex and they stop and say hello to Oliver instead of hurrying past with only a brief nod. 

Oliver went in the pool for the first time last night. Not fully but he let Daddy carry him in the water and dip his feet in. We waited until about seven o'clock in the evening when the pool was empty and then brought Oliver out with his little baby sunglasses to keep him from having to squint his little eyes shut. He felt nervous at first but relaxed and seemed to enjoy the cool water splashing against his skin. 

Despite summertime's lazy haze, Oliver continues to grow. When I look at him, it's hard to believe that he is only six and a half weeks old. He is so full of life and that energy radiates from him like sunlight. He grunts and screams and smiles and finds all sorts of ways to communicate with us. I am learning to pay attention to his expressions and his moods. He is full of energy and wants to bounce and stand and move. 

And then he takes glorious naps while I rush around making lunch and washing dishes and showering and styling my hair and searching for something to wear that makes me feel like me again and whatever else I can manage to do until I  hear his cry and lift his cuddly warm body into my arms and enjoy his happy babyness all over again. 

This is our routine for now; simply enjoying each other's company during these lazy summer months. We let ourselves get lost in the magic that is summer's warmth and joy and a sense of peace...

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