Nick and I enjoyed the most amazing weather this past weekend in South Lake Tahoe. I hadn't been there since I was about six years old so I had tons of fun exploring. We checked out a craft fair, the shops at Heavenly ski resort and some thrift stores around town. Despite Nick's initial lack of enthusiasm for thrift stores, we had a fabulous time. Our favorite was called "Thrify Hippie," probably mostly because I kept finding random maternity clothing and Nick claimed that it was a sign from "the man upstairs" that we need to make babies. Hmm, silly Nick.

Besides shopping, we spent an afternoon at the lake building sand castles and swimming with goggles and flippers. Nick found a fallen tree underwater that resembled a crocodile so we mostly stayed away from it. We spent a lot of time underwater with the help of the amazing flippers. It took a few tries to get used to them but once we figured them out, they worked amazingly. Nick said he felt like a mermaid. (:

Altogether, we had a fun and relaxing weekend.

Friday, brother leaves for camp in upstate New York, so I will be spending the day in San Francisco before his flight.  Hopefully that will result in some fun stories and pictures. Stay tuned...

<3 Mrs. Sellai.


Counting the days..

This is birthday week! There are just four days left until Nick's official birthday on Friday. (:


Musings at The Ranch.

          After a fun-filled Fourth of July weekend, Nick and I spent Monday morning on "the ranch," as the Sellai's fondly call it. The ranch is the family vineyard that has been owned and operated by the Sellai family for nearly one hundred years. Although the plot of land has shrunk since the good ol' days, with housing developments springing up all around, the ranch still offered me a great deal of history as I roamed its grounds, while Nick and his dad installed an air conditioning unit on the family home.

          See what I saw today in these photos...

       Fred, Nick's grandfather better known to his grandchildren as Nonno, kept a close eye on the ac installation, but also took some time to tell me about how he was born in that house back in 1919, and has lived there his entire life. Using his cane as a pointer, he shared details on his six children whose pictures line the walls, and his late wife. 

          For most of the morning as I sat on the porch steps, lost in thoughts and the nostalgia that surrounds the place. I tried to picture the lives of Nick's great grandparents, who first settled on that land after immigrating from Italy. It was really very peaceful.

          I think both Nick and his dad were afraid that Nonno would be in a grumpy mood, but he surprised them both as he spent the morning in cheerful conversation with me. He told stories about his wife and about the dogs  he has owned, about his children and about the changes he has witnessed in his lifetime like rising gas prices and the housing development sitting on what once was part of his then 20-acre property. "I used to have lots of neighbors," Nonno said. Longtime neighbors from his early farming days. "They've all died, though," he mused. "You out-lived them," Don, Nick's father, replied with a laugh. "That's what happens when you get old." 
          I don't think I am so worried about growing old though. I think today showed me that. I feel like I can grow old fearlessly as long as I do it surrounded by the people I love. I thought a lot about my own grandfather in Oklahoma. He used to share stories and insight with me often. I haven't spoken to him in quite a while though. Maybe I will write him a letter today, just to let him know I am thinking about him. And maybe I will make Nick take us to visit Nonno at the ranch again soon. Just to let him know that he is in our thoughts, too. ♥B.




The first day of the month always brings me a rush of mixed emotions. This 2010 year has already passed its halfway point, even though I still catch myself writing 09 instead of 10. I have much to look forward to and much work still to complete. Instead of bogging down my head, and my emotions, with details, I will pull myself together by thinking of everything I've already accomplished. Nicholas and I have been married three months and I have already completed the legalities tied to changing my last name. I achieved alumni status from Fresno State March 22, though I have yet to find a "real" job. And somehow, amidst the hustle and bustle of life, I still managed to watch Sex & the City (my favorite movie) twice last month. It's an inspirational film so don't you dare judge me. I say this with a smile though because I am well aware that most people I encounter quickly toss me into some frilly pink box labelled "very girly," and I embrace the title with open arms, although I someday hope that they will also notice my other fabulous qualities. Now I've begun to ramble so I will will end my idle chatter and focus on watching Oprah. Welcome to my blog and feel free to leave comments. :)