The first day of the month always brings me a rush of mixed emotions. This 2010 year has already passed its halfway point, even though I still catch myself writing 09 instead of 10. I have much to look forward to and much work still to complete. Instead of bogging down my head, and my emotions, with details, I will pull myself together by thinking of everything I've already accomplished. Nicholas and I have been married three months and I have already completed the legalities tied to changing my last name. I achieved alumni status from Fresno State March 22, though I have yet to find a "real" job. And somehow, amidst the hustle and bustle of life, I still managed to watch Sex & the City (my favorite movie) twice last month. It's an inspirational film so don't you dare judge me. I say this with a smile though because I am well aware that most people I encounter quickly toss me into some frilly pink box labelled "very girly," and I embrace the title with open arms, although I someday hope that they will also notice my other fabulous qualities. Now I've begun to ramble so I will will end my idle chatter and focus on watching Oprah. Welcome to my blog and feel free to leave comments. :)

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