Nick and I enjoyed the most amazing weather this past weekend in South Lake Tahoe. I hadn't been there since I was about six years old so I had tons of fun exploring. We checked out a craft fair, the shops at Heavenly ski resort and some thrift stores around town. Despite Nick's initial lack of enthusiasm for thrift stores, we had a fabulous time. Our favorite was called "Thrify Hippie," probably mostly because I kept finding random maternity clothing and Nick claimed that it was a sign from "the man upstairs" that we need to make babies. Hmm, silly Nick.

Besides shopping, we spent an afternoon at the lake building sand castles and swimming with goggles and flippers. Nick found a fallen tree underwater that resembled a crocodile so we mostly stayed away from it. We spent a lot of time underwater with the help of the amazing flippers. It took a few tries to get used to them but once we figured them out, they worked amazingly. Nick said he felt like a mermaid. (:

Altogether, we had a fun and relaxing weekend.

Friday, brother leaves for camp in upstate New York, so I will be spending the day in San Francisco before his flight.  Hopefully that will result in some fun stories and pictures. Stay tuned...

<3 Mrs. Sellai.

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