Keeping cool..

Lately the weather has been scorching, today's promising a high of 108 degrees. Out our window, the day gives little warning of the sweltering heat it plans to unleash. A thin cloud covering mutes the intensity of the sunlight. But we feel the warmth already. We feel it within us, and without. Oliver drags me to the sliding glass doors, pointing and babbling toward his small plastic swimming pool. We must become creative with our heat coping methods. Even little Oliver senses that his pool will provide the cooling relief his sweaty little body craves. So we crank up our iTunes playlist and head out, still in our pjs, splashing ankle deep into the blue water.

We are having a backyard pool party today, just my son & me.

How will you turn the heat into a party today?



red, white & blue summertime

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy..." penned Gershwin of this magical time of year with weather that makes me feel happy, alive, free.

Lately I've been feeling creative...

I created this simple bunting with thin cardboard, ribbon, paint, fabric scraps and markers.

I love using simple household items like empty boxes or old t-shirts to fashion whimsical decorations for our home. 

Last week, I found a beautiful pair of jeans while digging through a pile of clothes. They cost me just $0.25 and were in perfect condition except for being hemmed a little too short for my legs. I brought them home and used this tutorial to make this brilliant pair of skinnies.

Oliver & I have been enjoying the sunshine from our backyard, and also being patriotic with a little extra red and white and blue.

Happy Independence Day, 

& happy summer!