red, white & blue summertime

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy..." penned Gershwin of this magical time of year with weather that makes me feel happy, alive, free.

Lately I've been feeling creative...

I created this simple bunting with thin cardboard, ribbon, paint, fabric scraps and markers.

I love using simple household items like empty boxes or old t-shirts to fashion whimsical decorations for our home. 

Last week, I found a beautiful pair of jeans while digging through a pile of clothes. They cost me just $0.25 and were in perfect condition except for being hemmed a little too short for my legs. I brought them home and used this tutorial to make this brilliant pair of skinnies.

Oliver & I have been enjoying the sunshine from our backyard, and also being patriotic with a little extra red and white and blue.

Happy Independence Day, 

& happy summer!

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