Oliver's not-so-favorite thing

Oliver dislikes baths...

So much so that he screams throughout the entire bath and his face turns bright red. 
But he sweats a lot so the baths are a necessary evil in his young life. 

Because of this, I give him speed baths which only last about three minutes at the most, sometimes less. When I pull him from his whale bath tub, wrap him in his soft green froggy towel and hold him close, he calms down almost instantly and snuggles close to me as though I have just rescued him from a fate worse then death. I hold him tightly for a few precious moments, feeling the warmth of his little body as he relaxes and nods off contentedly in my arms... 

...And the screaming little creature that my serene baby boy sometimes transforms into doesn't seem quite as difficult to handle if I still get to enjoy these beautiful moments every now and then too. 

~Mrs. Sellai

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