my munchkin.

Oliver is growing so quickly. He has already been with us for 11 amazing days and we are loving every minute that we spend with him. He likes to smile at daddy, and to be wrapped tightly in his fuzzy blankets. He sleeps in his bouncer but also will sleep for hours cuddled up against mine or nick's chest. I sit and watch him as he looks around, wiggles his arms and legs and fingers and perfect little toes. He is so full of life, and we fall more in love with him every day...

~Bethany S.


  1. Soo cute! I like the last one. He looks like he is lovin' life :) Also, what's in the gift bag in the corner? Is that your push present? ;)

  2. Lol no it was my mother's day present from Toya. She didn't give it to me until after Oliver was born :)