Oliver is 10.

Look out, world

I am 10 months old.

& I strongly dislike to wear shoes.

 My little shadow, full of wonder,
toddling unsteadily behind me, the mother.
One chubby hand clings to my stable knee
The other outstretched toward danger, joy, 
unknown objects waiting to be discovered.
He gazes up at my faces, little back arched and head tilted back
to look upon my towering frame.
He cries, "ba-ba, da-da, ma-ma-ma!"
Loudly he shouts these sounds, simple linguistics
True language he has not yet learned
But he understands when we say, "No."
His little personality bursts from behind 
his laugh, his copper curls, 
his twinkling eyes the color of the seas.
He wreaks havoc, yet longs for attention, affection, approval,
a simple smile from "ma-ma" and "da-da"
And his tears, laughter and curiosity
his gleeful squeals as he kicks his little legs
his frustrated tears and exhausted wails
All these emotions and characteristics
 are wrapped in a tiny little individual
wobbling on two chubby legs,
arms reaching for my love.
He is my sun.
I am simple a moon in his orbit
reflecting his joy.


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