Oliver Aiden

I am small.
I am needy.
I am silly.
I make faces.
I cry when I need you.
I smile when I feel safe.
I look like an angel when I am asleep.
Sometimes I am a little monster when I am awake.
I LOVE to eat.
I have perfect little fingers and toes.
My tummy gets round when I am full.
I view the world around me with wonder.
To me, everything seems new and exciting.
Sometimes I just want to be held close and sang to.
Other times I would rather play.
I am very loved.
I am my family's whole world.

I am a mixture of my father and mother.
But, I am also simply me.

I am a b a b y.

And, I am two months old today.


  1. Love this! Oliver is so precious and that is a great picture.

  2. love, love, love this. perfect.