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I feel like a terrible blogger for posting so sporadically the past few months. However, I blame my growing belly and the amazing weather we've been having. After work, all I want to do is go walking, which usually ends up being at the mall or target, but it still counts as exercise. :) My new favorite thing to say is, "Let's go for a walk!" And Nick has come to loathe that more than ever. He has recently become obsessed with his W.O.W. account again and is constantly battling strange monstrous creatures in mythical cyber lands. Fabulous.

Some things that have been going on lately.....

The new Forever21 opened at the Fashion Fair Mall so Toya & I had to check it out this past Sunday. After three amazing floors of very trendy apparel, a live DJ, getting lost and confused countless times, and dragging overflowing shopping bags into the much improved fitting rooms, we emerged (almost three hours after we first arrived) out of breath and clutching our fabulous finds, fully in awe of the amazement we had just witnessed. Needless to say, I will be returning very soon. And, we aren't the only ones who loved it. One of the cooks at work allegedly spent four hours in the store while his wife shopped. He probably deserves some sort of medal or a hug or something like that.

Also, our crib mattress finally arrived via UPS to my mom's house, and then it was lugged up to my apartment by my five foot tall, out of breath mother who laid it on my living room floor and instructed me to not even think of moving but to wait for Nick to get home from work. So I sat for a while, surfing the web and staring at the box until Nick arrived and opened it up. It is awesome though, and organic, and now our little guy's corner (we don't yet have space for a full nursery) is nearly complete. Hooray!

Tonight Nicholas & I drove to Target to get some mayonnaise and ended up finding slider burgers that were so adorable we had to have them for dinner. And, they were awesome!

I think that's all for now except tomorrow is my last day of work before I start maternity leave and I am pretty stoked about having some time to clean house and organize. If you're reading this and you are free after tomorrow, you should probably hang out with me. :) Well fellow bloggers, may you enjoy a peaceful and relaxing weekend. Cheers.


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