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This week, I have been feeling very creative.  I really have no desire to clean. I just want to redecorate my house. I think I'm driving Nick a little crazy. He sometimes comes home to dirty dishes and me surrounded by my latest project. At least everything I've made or bought lately, I've got at a great price. I love a good bargain on home decor. Some women nest by scrubbing their entire house with a toothbrush. I prefer to bargain hunt or do something crafty. To each their own, right? 

This week, I found an amazing yellow bed on craigslist that I just had to have. It is brand new, from a model home and I knew it would look absolutely amazing in our bedroom. I emailed my phone number to the seller and received a call from her shortly after. She seemed nice/normal; not like a crazy craigslist stalker, so I let her know I would call after Nick came home from work to get her address and come look at the bed. Well, Nick was a bit skeptical (as he usually is by my impulses) but I convinced him that this bed would do so much for our home. When I called the women back, she mentioned that another lady had been calling all day also wanting to see the bed but she was holding it for me since I had called first. Thank goodness! We quickly rushed over to the ATM for cash and then to her home. The bed was even better in person and I immediately knew I had to have it. Thank goodness the kind woman waited for me. I'm 100% sure that it would have been long gone otherwise. These people were so incredibly kind too. They loaded it into their own jeep and delivered it for us (at no additional cost) so we wouldn't have to move the car seat and fold down the seats in my Mercedes. I am in love with our new bed and I'm sure you all will be too...

I also picked up some chocolate brown linen from Joanne's Fabric and started sewing some new accent pillows for our living room. Here is one of them.

Close up: I used some ivory lace to make it a little more vintage.

I also purchased some scrapbook paper that was 50% off. This little owl was so cute I had to frame him and add him to our nursery wall.

Additional craft supplies: 
This pistachio colored spray paint was on clearance for $1.97 so I had to grab it. I love the color and have been contemplating what to use it on. I have a small wire bird cage that I'm thinking I will spray paint and hang somewhere.

I also snagged this yard of burlap for something like $1.75 since it was a remnant piece. The possibilities for this are endless.

Since the weather has been clear, we finally moved our $38 TJ Maxx bench out to our little backyard/patio area. 

Now I just need to do a little gardening to keep these green growing things from getting out of control. :) But it does look pretty for now.

That has been my week in photos. Hopefully you were inspired...

~Mrs. Sellai.

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  1. I almost bought that exact paint color on clearance a while back! I just couldn't figure out what I was gonna use it for though :) And I love the bedspread with your new bed! Tell Oliver to hurry up and get here! :)