in with the old..

A few weeks ago, I discovered a hidden gem in the Cultural Arts district of downtown Fresno:

This amazing warehouse turned shop at 1515 Broadway Street houses all things vintage, antique, old, rustic, amazing, etc. 

I explored it a few weeks ago with Nicholas, Brother & Oliver, and we were pleasantly overwhelmed by the awesome and reasonably priced treasures lurking within. 

As I walked up, I immediately fell in love with a vintage school chair on display. At only $15, I couldn't live without it. Sadly, since we drove there in Brother's small car, we could only buy things that would fit in his trunk so I could not bring home everything that my heart desired. However the chair is mine.

Oliver likes it, too. :)

*Notice my bookcase in the background? I took the doors off an old entertainment center and used the shelves for my favorite books. 

I placed the chair with my other fabulous finds as part of my creative workspace. So far, I think the chair really loves its new home.

The old wood desk is courtesy of my in-law's storage unit. They were planning on getting rid of it but I convinced them to let me haul it away for free. Win-win :)

I dream of someday opening my own vintage shop, but for now, my home showcases my inspiration.

This week, I encourage you readers to look for ways to recycle and reuse things you already have to create something beautiful.



  1. oh my god !
    i love it ..
    you reminded me of high school days with
    that chair .... looks really nice

    love did you get the email from summer?
    let me know i wanted to make sure you got
    an assigned valentine ♥

    MELINA ♥

    1. Thanks :)
      No I didn't get an email. I think I was late to post my info though. Your Vegas trip looked awesome, btw :)