I am horrible at sticking to New Year's resolutions. 

I think my problem is that I pick things that I hate doing, and then resolve to do them regularly. 
Or I just lose interest and motivation almost immediately after making the resolution.
I find comfort knowing that I am not alone

This year, rather than feel disappointed in myself, I found a solution: 
a month resolution.

It's perfect. 
I have always been great at giving up things for Lent. 
Perhaps because it is  a shorter period of time in which I reflect on the purpose of my self-denial each time I go without. 

Either way, I have chosen to resolve for the month of January to not buy any clothes or shoes.

This seems slightly insane since some might call me a border-line shop-a-holic. 
I live for a good bargain.

However, I have noticed that my closet is overflowing with clothes, shoes and accessories that I don't even remember I have. Some things I have never even worn. 

                                    Image via marionwd.tumblr.com 

This month, I resolve to rediscover my wardrobe and reevaluate what I already own.
At the end of the month, items I still don't wear or items that don't fit will be donated or craig's listed.

Hopefully this will also kick off my spring cleaning.

Have any of you found good ways to stick to your resolutions? 

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  1. do what i did :)
    clean it out and organize it by color
    one side shirts other size blazers jackets etc
    it will make it so easy for you to find everything!

    Melina ♥