In "nesting" mode...

I think I am in love with my latest purchase...

It's an ivory shag 5'x8' rug from TJ Maxx and it is amazing. There were several rugs laying on a few tables in the store so I thought I'd take a look. Peeking out from under a stack of boring rugs was some fluffy amazingness. After several attempts to free it, I feasted my eyes on this beauty. A quick picture text to nessa and a phone call to Nicholas later, I loaded it onto my shopping cart and pushed it up to the check out counter. And the rest is history. :)

Vacuuming, housecleaning and a snack were in order, but finally my living room is home to "The Shag" and I can relax and watch Oprah. See it for yourself below and let me know if you love it too!

Yes I am a little excited but I think it's just the whole nesting thing kicking in. The rocking chair in the above pictures is also a new treasure. It is an antique Nicholas got from a family friend. We plan to use it when our son is born. I need to find a chair cushion for it so any suggestions/ideas are more than welcome. 

Next up for us is choosing a crib. Since the in-laws have graciously informed us that they will be purchasing it as a gift for Nicholas and I, we know need to actually narrow down our choices and select the perfect one. Hopefully that will happen in the near future since I just found the crib bedding set that I plan to use. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Stay tuned for more nesting photos. :)

~Mrs. S.


  1. love the rug. love tj maxx. LOVE the hot pink lamp.

    you are super sassy.

  2. love it! and cuute rocker. You could probably make a cushion in a fun pattern like this: