This weekend, I found some rubber stamps at a vintage shop in Old Town Clovis. They reminded me of how much I enjoy being creative so I bought them. This brings us to today...

I decided to check out Michael's stamp section to pick up some ink since I've been dying to test my new stamps. I quickly became sidetracked by the large stamp selection, my mind wheels spinning at all the amazing craft possibilities if I owned just a few more. The 40% off sign only reenforced that. After much deliberation, I selected a set of alphabet stamps, a "handmade by: (fill in your name)" stamp, and a chocolate brown ink pad which claimed to cost just $1.99. Well the stamps rang up at full price and the ink pad rang up at $3.99. Great. So now I'm holding up the line asking why nothing is ringing up properly. The cashier acts like I'm crazy but finally sends someone to do a price check. She claims though, that the add only applies to Christmas stamps. No, pretty sure the 40% sign didn't specify but I nod politely and wait patiently to be proven right, which I was. The price checker returned with the 40% off sign that the cashier tried to make me believe I had only imagined. So she was forced to give me the stamps at a discounted price. However, after much more foot-dragging, the price checker couldn't find the $1.99 ink pads. She claimed that only the black ones were that price and my "gold" one was more expensive. I actually had chocolate brown ink. And unless I'm completely insane, each ink pad was in a separate basket with the price labeled directly on that basket. She didn't even bother to bring me the cheaper ink, which I would have gladly taken. Frustrated, I simply purchased the stamps and left. The price checker and cashier didn't even offer any sort of apology for putting me through all that trouble. Needless to say, I am no longer a friend of Michael's. And, I still have no ink for my stamps, which was the whole reason for shopping there.

On a brighter note, I found a bookcase today at a thrift store for a mere $15. It's made of real wood, not particle board, and it's a lovely espresso color. I had to carry it out of the store by myself and drive really slowly the 3 or 4 blocks back to the apartment so it wouldn't slide around in the back of my car but it was worth it. Now I am waiting for Nick to get off work and see my latest amazing deal. 

<3 Bethany.

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