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So it's 9:30 on a Saturday morning and for some reason I am wide awake. I want to go running but Nick won't wake up and go with me. He just keeps rolling over and mumbling strange things that don't really sound like English. Hmmm...

So I need to decide. Do I go running alone? Or wait for him to wake up, which could take a while.

I'm probably just going to wait...

Well, on that note, this has felt like a long week. I worked all week long and had to resort to some yoga stretches to help with my sore limbs. It actually helped though. I think I will be using yoga more often.

Tuesday, I visited with my cousins Jalisa and Isaac, and Jalisa's three month old daughter. She is huge! Well for being three months. But she is also cute and silly like most babies. She was so happy for a while until she decided to be grumpy and then we had to make her take a nap. The visit was quite fun though. I had not seen those two in at least five months so it was really nice to catch up. And it was my first meeting with baby Jocelyn.

I also shopped for my birthday gift on Wednesday. I spent nearly an hour and a half trying on jeans. I think the fitting room lady was sick of me because I kept coming in with five pairs and then I would leave four of them and keep one. Then I would change my mind and find five more pairs of jeans and start the process over. I think I did this at least three or four times. I finally settled on a super cute a extremely comfortable pair of Hudson jeans, which I love! Plus they were very on sale which was also a plus. But then I spent the rest of the day, as well as the next day, trying to decide if I should keep them or return them. In the end, Nick made the decision to keep them and I agreed.

Purchasing premium denim really is a huge deal though. There are so many factors that influence my choice: fit, quality, price, versatility, price, color, price, etc. They can't be too light of a color because then I won't actually ever where them. Also, if they don't fit my aura, I won't wear them either. And it is imperative that they fit properly because if they are even a little snug, after wearing them for any length of time, I will feel like they are killing me and have to unbutton them and then I just look pregnant which isn't good either. Also, I can't rationalize spending over $100 on a pair of jeans. On the other hand though, if I find a pair that were originally priced at $150 and have been marked down to $70, I still need to go through the process of determining whether this is a deal or not. Because as a general rule of thumb, I can find a super cute pair of jeans for under $20 any day of the week. So do I want to spend more than three times that amount on just one pair simply because they have a stupid seven on the pocket? Not necessarily. Do you see my dilemma? Needless to say, fitting room attendants and sales personnel cringe when I appear.

My Hudson jeans though, I rationalized because I used birthday money which really wasn't mine at all. Also, Hudson jeans are manufactured in the good ol' USA. Therefore, I am actually stimulating our  economy with my purchase. And I just feel like I'm getting better quality; this particular point is debatable but I'm just going to think it anyway and be happy with my beautiful new pair of jeans.

Well, that turned very long very fast so I will close now and try for the umpteenth time to wake my husband and convince him to go running. Have a great weekend!

<3 Bethany.

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