Domestication is bliss, i think. (:

August snuck up on me this year.

So did the length of my hair. I looked in the mirror today and noticed that it actually has grown quite a bit. I think perhaps the summer heat and my new relaxed attitude since graduating factor into this.

I'm starting to feel like a housewife. Well, aside from working extra hours at Spag. This morning I ate yogurt and cinnamon raisin toast for breakfast. I don't even like raisins, but it was strangely satisfying.

I'm also realizing that caffeine hides in way more than soda and energy drinks. I made Nick buy this awesome looking fruit juice from the grocery section in Target only to find out when I pulled it out of the fridge that it has "natural caffeine" from coffee beans. Gah! Bloody caffeine leave me alone. So I had to resort to something of my own creation which turned out to be peppermint ice tea with blueberries sans caffeine. Ah..lovely. (:

My birthday is in ten days. I heard on KLOVE yesterday that a recent survey showed that the age women feel most beautiful is something like 31. So basically, I should be getting more beautiful with age, right? So I'm welcoming this birthday (and many more, Lord willing) with open arms. I only hope that the majority of the women taking that survey were 31.



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