Saturday Somethings

As a child, I remember Saturdays as a mixture of things...
Sometimes my family went shopping or swimming, other times we had lots of yard-work to accomplish.
Regardless of what we did, most Saturdays were spent together, as a family. 

Today reminded me of those old days. . .

Lately life passes too quickly. It seems like every weekend is booked full of plans and engagements. I forget to spend time with people I love. These days to simply spend Saturday at home is a treat.

Today feels like a treat.
Today we slept past nine a.m.
We enjoyed our breakfast of milk and cereal and yogurt.
Just the three of us. 
Oliver played peek-a-boo between spoonfuls of yogurt & baby cereal.

Nicholas worked on the yard, we bathed Oliver together, dressed in comfy sweats and cooked lunch together while Oliver pulled plastic lids and containers from his cupboard. I chopped potatoes and yams for french fries while Nick grilled burgers and made a heart out of ketchup on my hamburger bun when I wasn't looking. We sat and talked and smiled and loved each other's company.

Today it didn't matter what we did or how much time we wasted doing nothing.
Because time spent together is never wasted.

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