seven months later..

Look who turned 7 months old, today:

Oliver Aiden.

Each new day, Oliver grows a little more
and learns something new.
He learned to crawl this past month.
Almost immediately after that, he figured out how to stand up 
by holding on to stationary objects 
such as the couch, mommy or daddy's legs, chairs, tables, etc. 

Look out, world, little elf is on the move.

"Please be content with crawling for a little longer, " 
I silently beg my rapidly growing baby.
The muscles in my arms have strengthened from carrying him.
Even so, I still need a rest from time to time,
reminding me that the infant we brought home seven months ago
is fast approaching toddlerhood. 
I love every minute I spend watching this amazing little miracle of human life.

We play games now, 
Oliver & I.
As he sits in his highchair watching me wash the dishes or cook dinner.
He stares at me until I notice him and smile.
Instantly a huge smiles spreads across his face
and he gives me one of his fantastic baby laughs.
I dance for him, he giggles and waves his arms.
I try to feed him applesauce on a spoon.
Sometimes he loves it, 
more times he dramatically makes gagging sounds 
and spits it out. 
He shakes his head back and forth 
and repeats baby sounds over and over again.
I say them back to him and he laughs gleefully. 

And he drives me absolutely insane.
This is a thing he L-O-V-E, loves to do.
He crawls to the brick fireplace and stands against it, 
wobbling dangerously on his little toes.
I rush over and pull him away, bribing him with toys, books,
blocking his way with pillows.
Oliver scales the pillows and is back at the fireplace the minute I turn my back, 
all the while smiling his sweet little prankster smile.

And all the emotions Oliver brings me are insignificant compared to this 
overwhelming love that I feel for him, 
my baby boy.

I pray that God gives you many more days and months and years of life,
so I can watch you grow and learn and become who God created you to be.

For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth.
Psalm 71:5 ESV


  1. awwwwwwwwww beth!
    you seriously take the cutest pictures of Oliver!

    i am so happy he is healthy and growing
    into a toddler =D

    he is too cute when he smiles <3

    ♥ Melina

  2. Hi love =)

    TAGGGGGGG ♥ you are it
    go check out my blog
    =) Get in the Christmas spirit

    love ya
    ♥ melina