speaking of birthdays..

When I was a child, I used to start a birthday countdown weeks in advance. I could hardly wait for the time to pass until my birthday, anticipating my party with friends, games, tons of food, candy from the piñata, and birthday gifts. Back then time seemed to pass by at the pace of a really old turtle: 

v   e   r   y      s   l   o   w   l   y   . 

I remember that my brother Reuben would actually begin crossing off days on our wall calendar several months before his birthday. We would ask, "How many days are left, Reuben?" And he would rattle off something like, "Only fifty seven more days!" And our calendar would look absolutely hideous for those months, each square crossed off with a wobbly X. 

This year I felt like I had a lot less time to sit around daydreaming about birthday plans. I started working again this month so the time outside of work is spent with my husband and son, trying to get our home packed for our upcoming move, doing laundry, trying to keep Oliver entertained, teaching a kid's connection class on Sundays.... Twenty four hours often feels like only a matter of minutes. 

My birthday snuck up on me. 
But I decided I would spend it with the people I love... 

I celebrated my twenty fourth year this past weekend with a handful of close friends over Saturday evening dinner, and then with my family for lunch on Sunday with some yummy Mexican food at Sal's. Even though there was no piñata or huge party, it was the best birthday yet.

And twenty-four is starting out pretty great.

Enjoying my birthday smoothie and the "Happy Happy Birthday" song
Bottle Green linen TOMS from my husband. I am in love ♥

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